Payment Methods:

  1. Cash-on-delivery payment. With the delivery of your order at your place you will be charged with the transport costs, based on the shipment policy, as well as with a cash-on-delivery charge of 5.00 Euros. In case the place of delivery is outside the network of the courier and is considered difficult to access, then the cash-on-delivery payment method shall not be available.


  1. Payment by credit card


You can pay by debit, credit or prepaid card. The use of a card by the visitor is safe as the entire process takes place in the environment of the Bank. Moreover, our online store has no access whatsoever to the details of your card.

During the procedure of execution of your order, if an item is not available we can deduct its value from the total amount informing the bank that we are receiving less money.

Therefore, the transactions you perform at the website through cards are absolutely secure.


  1. Payment through a Bank Account

The payment takes place as follows:
You prepay your order in one of the following accounts: (they have been requested from the customer and are expected)



Then you send us a copy of the banking transaction through e-mail  in the email that shall be the response of the order and you shall receive at your email address. After we have received the copy, we shall send the products you ordered with the respective shipping charges.

In order to reduce remittance costs and money transfer time, perform the transaction at the same bank. The banks do not charge any costs when transfer is made through the same bank via e-banking.

In case of a money transfer from a different bank you shall bear all the costs, both charged by your bank and by our bank. Moreover, the money shall be available in our account after 2-3 days, and then your order shall be dispatched.

  1. Cash payment for picking up a product from our store.


Shipment methods:

  • Delivery by ACS Courier, within 2-3working days at your place.


From 0kg to 2kg the delivery charges are €3.00€ (including VAT)

From 2kg to 5kg the delivery charges are €5.00 (including VAT)

Over 5kg the delivery charges are €0.80/kilogram


For deliveries on Saturdays the delivery charges are different and is defined following consultation.


The cash-on-delivery charge is €1.6 (including VAT) and does not depend on the weight of the product or the place of delivery. This amount is fully received by ACS.


Every order which is delivered by Courier has a unique delivery code, through which the buyer can trace their package at any time. This code is sent via email, as long as the buyer has subscribed to our website and has accepted the terms of use and of protection of personal data.

  • Delivery by the courier service provider you cooperate with, which pays for you and pick up the products. In this case the time of delivery depends on the deal you have made with this company.


  • Shipping by means of a transport company. The delivery of the products takes place at the central warehouses or the distribution points of each transport company.


  • Pick up of the products from the store as long as your order has been successfully completed.