Use of the Website and of the Online Store.

The Website  has been created by the company for the electronic trade of Motorcycles & Motorcycle Spare Parts.

The Online Store has been created by the company and operates with a view to promoting its commercial activity through the promotion of its products (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”) via the Internet, and to the remote ordering and purchasing of Products by the Customers, as well as to the two-way communication between the company and the Customers and Users on issues related to its activity and Products and their relevant updating.

The use of the Website as well as of its individual components, such as texts, photos, graphics, images, etc. as well as the access to the options which are provided through it, the printing, copy and download of any content by the Users and Customers is allowed only when it serves the aforementioned commercial purpose or takes place for information purposes. Any other use is forbidden.

From the use of the Website alone it is presumed that the Customer or User has read, understood and fully and unreservedly accepted the present Terms of Use and that they are bound by them as a whole. In case that a Customer or User does not agree with one or more Terms, they must refrain from any use of the Website and the performance of any transaction through it.


Terms and conditions for the purchase of Products from the Online Store

Registration of the Customer as a member of the Online Store:
a) The Customer can buy Products from the Online Store without having necessarily being registered as a member. If they wish so, they can be registered once during the procedure of purchase of a Product. The Customer in this case shall mandatorily enter their name, the address of delivery of the Products, their email address and their contact telephone number.
b) All the above personal data of the Customer are ensured by the Personal Data Protection Policy of our company.
c) The Customer shall correct the above details in case they change.
d) The company will never ask Customers to register via the Website or to send via email, when registering as a member or later, information related to their credit cards, bank accounts or in general any other banking data, except in the case of withdrawal from the purchase of the product.

Order and purchase of Products

a) The Customer, as long as they are legally competent under Greek Law and wish to purchase a Product from the Online Store, they shall select it and add it to their shopping cart. The description of each Product, its dimensions, pages and cover page, are mentioned next to it, as well as its prices which includes the legal VAT. When the Customer has selected all the Products they wish to purchase, shall be informed by the Online Store about their total value, the cost for their delivery, as well the cash-on-delivery and transport costs. The Customer has the option to choose the payment of the Products through PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card or Deposit in a Bank Account, and in that case the cash-on-delivery cost shall be deducted from their total charge.
b) In case that the Product, the Customer wishes to purchase, is out of stock or is not available, they shall wait for a response email and then they shall complete their purchase and payment.
c) The order of the Product and the preparation of the sale shall be completed after the company sends an email to the Customer in which shall be mentioned all the details of the order, as they have been registered by the Customer at the Online Store. If the Customer wishes to change a detail of their order they must immediately contact the company, by sending a relevant email to the electronic address .
d) The company reserves the right to modify the prices of the Products without any prior notice to the Customers. In any case, the price quoted next to the Product at the time of its ordering by the Customer is the valid price for the purchase of the Product.

Payment of Products

The Customer, who can select as place of dispatch of the Products any location within the Greek territory, can select the payment of the Products either by Deposit in a Bank Account, or by Credit Card, or by debit card, or via PayPal or by cash-on-delivery. Specifically, the Customer after having completed the selection of the Products they wish to purchase, selects the option “Order Completed” and registers the required details if they are not a member.

In case of payment by cash-on-delivery: the preset payment option of the Online Store is cash-on-delivery. Therefore, the Customer who wishes to use this payment method shall select the option “Send Order”, shall pay the value of the Products, the cash-on-delivery payment cost, as well as the cost of shipment of the Products, at the time of their delivery at the location the Customer has stated in their Order. The payment shall be made to the representative of the company who will deliver them the ordered Products.

In case of payment via the Internet platform of the company PayPal, by charging either of their bank account or of their debit card, or by Credit Card: The Customer who selects this payment method shall select the respective payment option, shall be directed to the special, safe environment of this payment method where they shall register all the details which are required according to the specific payment procedure. After the approval of the transaction and the completion of the payment, the Customer will automatically return to the Online Store.

In case of payment by deposit in a Bank Account: The Customer shall deposit to the Bank Account of the company the total amount which is stated on the payment (checkout) page and send the respective deposit slip to the email of the company After the confirmation of the deposit by the company, the company shall send the products to the Customer.


Delivery of the Order and delivery charges

For the delivery of the Products, the company  chooses ACS Courier.

Deliveries are performed daily from 08:00 to 17:00. The time of delivery of the Products depends on their place of delivery which has been selected by the Customer.

The cash-on-delivery cost and the delivery charges depends on the weight of the order and its place of destination.

Withdrawal of an Order

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase of a Product, without any penalty, and without informing the company of the reason for the withdrawal, within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the Product. The Customer shall bear the cost of return of the Product.

The withdrawal from the purchase of a Product is possible only if the Product is in the same condition as the one when the Customer received it.

In order to exercise their right of withdrawal, the Customers shall inform the company about their decision to withdraw from the purchase of the Product with a clear statement by letter to be sent either by mail to the address of the company which is indicated at the beginning of the present Terms of Use, or by email to the email address .

The Customer may also print the special withdrawal form, fill it out and send it to the company at the aforementioned address. The Customer shall send along with the statement of withdrawal the Product as well as the receipt as proof of their purchase.

If the withdrawal takes place within the aforementioned time limit, the company shall accept and shall inform the Customer about its acceptance.


The refund of the Customer in case of withdrawal shall be performed depending on the way they chose to pay for the Product. In any case, the refund shall be made within fourteen (14) calendar days, at the latest, from the date on which the company was informed about the decision of the Customer to withdraw from the purchase contract of the Product and after the Customer has returned the Product to the company.

If the Customer has paid with the cash-on-delivery payment method, then, in the withdrawal form, they shall also state the bank account into which they wish the money to be deposited, the bank which maintains their bank account as well as its IBAN.


Updating of the Customer

The Customer can be updated on the progress of their purchase by contacting the company for any matter whatsoever at the telephone number 210976333 or via email at the email address .

The company shall contact the Customer at the email address stated by them or at their telephone number. The Customer is required to inform the Online Store in case of change of their email address or telephone number.


Liability of the company

The company shall not be liable for any delay or inability to carry out the shipment of the Products due to events of force majeure, such as a transport strike, etc. The company in any such case shall be entitled to an extension of the implementation of its obligations under this contact.


The company shall be responsible for the delivery of the Product with the agreed properties and without actual defects, however it shall not be responsible for the selection of the Products for which the Customer is solely and exclusively responsible.

The company has taken all the necessary measures, as these are required by ordinary practice, for the high level of security and protection only of its Online Store, its Website and its own systems, and also undertakes to upgrade its protection systems and to have antivirus software. The company, given the nature of the Internet, does not guarantee the non existence of viruses and shall not be liable in case of damage to the equipment, software, files or other type of damage of the User or the Customer, which shall be caused by a virus.

The company shall bear no liability regarding the security of transactions via PayPal and Credit Card, as all transactions are carried out in a secure environment of PayPal or of the Bank respectively, where the Customer registers the details of their account or card.

The company as well as its employees and any associates thereof shall not be responsible for any damage to the User, Customer or any third party due to illegal and improper use of the Website by a User or Customer, in violation of what is provided for in the present Terms of Use or the applicable Law.


Responsibility of the User and the Customer

The Users and the Customers use the Website on their own responsibility, according to the present Terms of Use and the regulations of the company which are posted on the Website, exclusively for the purposes set forth above in these Terms of Use. Any other use of the Website is forbidden. The User and the Customer shall refrain, in particular, from using the Website for the purpose of:
collection, processing or storage of personal data of Customers of the Online Store.

The Customer, in case of payment of the Products via PayPal or by Credit Card, shall use for the payment of the Products, only a card issued in their name or their own bank account. Otherwise, the company shall bear no liability.

The User and the Customer are obliged to have installed on their computer the latest updated versions of programs, operating systems, antivirus programs and relevant programs for data and computer protection.

The Users and the Customers shall be responsible for any damage suffered by the company which is due to their acts or omissions, as well as to any illegal, unconventional or/and improper action they perform while using the Website.


Protection of Personal Data

The site informs you that, for your optimal and most complete service through the services we provide you in our web portal (, it processes your personal data, based on Law 2472/1997 and the relevant amendments thereof and according to the following guidelines.

You provide us the data which is necessary for the completion of the purchase.

In the transactions which are carried out through e-commerce, we only ask for information which is necessary in order to send your order with accuracy and consistency to your place, as well as to personalize and improve the services provided to you.

  1. The information we ask from youPersonal data:
    Every visitor can browse the online store without providing any personal information. We will need personal data (your e-mail, a user name and a password) only when you proceed to a product order.

Information which regards the purchase of products:
You will be asked to state your details that are necessary in each transaction, (such as your first and last name, e-mail, the address of delivery of the products, your mobile (cell) phone, optionally the make–model of your motorcycle, etc.). In case of an invoice, we ask additionally for the name of your company, profession, TIN and competent Tax Office. Some of the above are principally required to carry out your orders or to respond to a request made by you. The personal data you declare anywhere at the pages and services of the websites, are maintained exclusively for purposes regarding your transactions with us, the improvement of the provided services and in order to ensure the operation of the respective service and it is not allowed that they are used by any third party (only with the exception of the competent authorities, where provided by Law).
In any case, the employees of who have access to your personal data are specific ones and the access of unauthorized persons to your personal data is prohibited. We have taken every reasonable measures to protect your personal data. In extremely rare and special cases, your personal details may be communicated to cooperating companies with, for purposes of support, promotion and execution of your business relationship with us, however, always under conditions that fully ensure that your personal details are not subject to any illegal processing.

2.The information we collect from your visits and purchases at

In order to be able to provide personalized services, most of the large companies use alphanumeric identification files, which are called cookies. The cookies are divided into persistent and session cookies: persistent cookies remain on your hard drive even after you have completed your visit, storing into memory a wide range of data which is used for your next visit; session cookies are used only to identify that you entered the site, so that it is not required that you are asked for a password on all pages which include data transaction. These are deleted as soon as you leave the site. The site uses session cookies: in order not to ask continuously for a password when you visit our various pages, we must identify you when you enter our online store.

How do we manage the details and information you have entrusted to us?
We are using the data you have entrusted to us in order to offer you a unique shopping experience, in the following ways:


  • So that you can become a member of
  • In order to deliver to your place the orders you have made online.
  • So that you can confirm your orders.
  • So that we are able to reply to any of your questions and requests at the customer service department.
  • So that we can send you special offers and product updates.

For any question, suggestion or statement which is related with this issues, please contact us at
At any time, the user reserves the right to be informed about the processing of their data or even to delete all their data or part of it, according to the existing legislation on the protection of personal data.


Return Policy

You have the right to return the products you purchased, for any reason whatsoever within a period of 14 days after the day you have received the products.

You can replace them or ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

In case that the price of the product which will replace the returned product is higher, then the buyer must deposit the additional amount.

In case of incorrect order you will have to contact via e-mail the site at or a prior telephone communication must take place with telephone number 210976333 Monday – Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00, so that the product is replaced with the right one.

Returns shall be accepted only if the product  has not be used or placed and is accompanied by the receipt – document of proof of purchase. At the same time, the product must be returned without any wear, in the package you have received it and at the condition you have received it.

To avoid your own inconvenience, it is good to check carefully at the time of delivery of your order, the state of the products sold and the intactness of the packaging thereof, in order to detect any obvious defects (e.g. damaged goods, wrong product, etc.).

Returns of products that were not readily available and were supplied after a special order for the customer shall not be accepted.

The shipping costs for the return of the products shall be borne by the customer, unless the product you received, due to our mistake or a mistake of our supplier, does not fit your motorcycle, and in that case the shipping costs for the return of the product shall be borne by

In case of return of products, only the amount that has been paid for the value of the products shall be refunded and not any costs of transport, cash-on-delivery or bank charges.

The refund of the amount you paid shall be completed within 7-10 working days from the date we shall receive the products.

For any problem that may arise during your transaction with and its prompt solution, please, contact us via e-mail at